A downloadable game for Windows

Adventure is a remake of the classic atari's game. In this game you control a knight who has to recover the holy grail.µ


-More particles
-More Bloods
-Key rebinding
-Bug fix
-More Audio
-Gameplay Ameliorations
- 1 New "Friend".
- The pink wall works !


 -New animations
- Better UI Design
- Options menu    
       - Custom sensitivity    
       - Audio control
-Bug Fix
-Padlocks on doors


-Death & respawn
- Pause menu
- Defense with right click when you're equipped with sword
- Sword attack is different

0.3 :
-Game Optimisation ( your pc will not burn )
-Starting screen

Future updates:

- New animations

-Better Lights
- Fight with dragon clearer

- Timer at the end screen.
-Pink Wall

Install instructions

1. Download the game

2. Launch the .Exe


Last version: Adventure 1.0.zip 63 MB
Adventure 0.5 30 MB
Adventure 0.4 30 MB
Adventure 0.3 30 MB


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First impressions: Very neat! It has some great potential to it. I like how the Dragons leap at you and you can see their shadows when you are hiding from them!

How about some instructions? How do I pickup items?

The sensitivity selector was set to be very low and I found myself initially frustrated but figured out how to set it. Can you set it to be in the middle for new users?

Hi thanks a lot for your review ! i'll update that :)